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2015 NWSS Highland Heifer – Sale Lot #7

Gray Owl’s Mairi – # Reg. 53,149

Birth Date – 04/17/2013

Gray Owl’s Mairi – Current Picture 11/11/2014

Gray Owl’s Mairi – Current Picture 11/11/2014

Gray Owl’s Mairi is an attractive deep red heifer pulled from the pasture one day after an early season blizzard for her NWSS sale picture. This heifer proves she has what it takes to flourish in a forage-finishing beef operation. Mairi possesses the combination of breeding and show qualities built from her strong genetic background. Look for the names of Trafalgar Nathan, DH Katherine’s Reiff and GH Magnum Force in her pedigree. Her sweet disposition comes from her easy handling dam JAR Mira and sire GH Mr Roberts. Capitalize on this opportunity to diversify the quality in your herd with a purchase that exemplifies female foundation potential with north central and east coast genetics.

Mairi  10/27/2013, 5 Months old.

Mairi 10/27/2013, 5 Months old

Mairi 05/04/2014, 12 Months old

Mairi 05/04/2014, 12 Months old

Gray Owl’s Mairi Pedigree (with links to AHCA)

clickdown Trafalgar Nathan (D)
clickdown GH Magnum Force (D)
clickup WF Mac’s Darcy *
clickdown Sire: GH Mr Roberts (D)
clickdown DH Carrick
clickup DH Katherine’s Reiff (D)
clickup DH Katherine (D)
Animal: Gray Owl’s Mairi
clickdown Bakers Cube Mtn. Edward
clickdown Willmorrie’s Cube Mtn. Artur
clickup Willmorrie’s Alasdair Ruth
clickup Dam: JAR Mira
clickdown O B Black Abner
clickup Rieman’s Black Gold
clickup RK Melanie


Baby Mairi keeping warm

Baby Mairi keeping warm

Gray Owl's Mairi - 10/12/2013

Gray Owl’s Mairi – 10/12/2013



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